What about Windows Microsoft EULA?

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What about Windows Microsoft EULA?

Post by rybok » Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:05 pm

In your responses to the site in the FAQ section you wrote:
TSPlus does not use TSE and on W2008 the TS role and the TS Licensing role shall not be installed. According to commercial laws, no one can oblige a customer to purchase something that he is not going to use.
Anyone is allowed to use VNC, Apache web server, LogMeIn or TSplus to directly or indirectly access a Windows system and to interact with the graphical user interface without purchasing TS CALS.
Nevertheless, freedom is common shared worldwide value and you are free to decide what is the best decision for your business.

And what about the acquisition VDA?
Windows Virtual Desktop Access (VDA)
For each device that accesses your instances of the desktop operating system Windows, running in the data center, you must purchase through volume licensing programs (Open Value / Open Value Subscription, Enterprise Agreement / Enterprise Agreement Subscription) subscription Virtual Desktop Access (formerly VECD). In this case, during the term of the agreement, customers can run an unlimited number of virtual instances of Windows 7 Professional and / or previous versions of the data center.

It is clear that no physical / hardware / software are no restrictions
There is only the legal aspect
The issue is that there is no violation of the legal aspect of it?

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Re: What about Windows Microsoft EULA?

Post by admin » Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:58 am


TSplus is an alternative to MS TSE.
On W2008, you will have to uninstall TS role and TS licensing role prior installing TSplus. On W7 or XP these roles do not exists.

So our customers are using TSplus under TSplus license terms.
TSplus is our product, we own 100% of its source code and we have invested over 10 men/year to develop it.
This is why we have no problem to sell and to maintain it for years.
The US Army, U.C.L.A., the Ministry of Justice in France, the Police of New-York and Paris, hundreds of law firms and chartered accounts are using TSplus for years.

However, the client CALs for a Windows server can possibly be requested. If you use the TSplus system as a "file server" (via net use for example), or if you use IIS, or if you use it as a printer server, then the clients CALs remains required. You are not obliged to use Windows technologies for such functions: You can use a Linux system or a NAS as "file server"; our built-in web server has no limit "per user" an can be better than IIS.

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Re: What about Windows Microsoft EULA?

Post by tonymorella » Fri Mar 06, 2015 3:42 am


I have been trying to figure a way to reduce the need for Server, RDS and VDI CALS.

From MS website:
"There are two basic scenarios which trigger the requirement for an RDS CAL.
Your users or devices directly or indirectly access any of the RDS product functionality, and/or
Your users of devices directly or indirectly interact with the graphical user interface of the server software using RDS functionality or other third party technology (e.g. Citrix, GraphOn, 2X to name a few)

If you meet either (or both) of the points described above – an RDS CAL is required. It is also worth pointing out that RDS CALs are required in a VDI deployment when any of the RDS components are used to support it (e.g. Remote Desktop Web Access, Remote Desktop Gateway, Remote Desktop Connection Broker, Remote Desktop Session Host, or the Remote Desktop Virtualization Host."

I understand it is technically possible to set up a form of RDS without using MS version, what I do not see is how TSPlus gets around the legal need for both a Server CAL and RDS CAL. Also, these CALS are only good for qualifying OS's which include Windows 7/8 Pro and Enterprise with Software Assurance or a VDI licenses for a non-qualifying OS like a Thin Desktop.

Would like a clarification.

Thank you

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Re: What about Windows Microsoft EULA?

Post by johndavies » Fri Mar 06, 2015 1:05 pm


The question of EULA and MS licenses is a FAQ for 20 years.

In 1995, the Canadian company Corel developed a Java product named “Bridge”. It was the pioneer alternative product to TSE for NT Workstation and NT Server.
Corel found less expensive to do this development to web enabled WordPerfect, Corel Draw and Aldus Page Maker.
Having to re-write its 3 products in Java would have cost them tens of millions dollars and they would have to maintain 2 different source codes for the same products: one in Java and the second for client/server.

The benefit for Corel, was also to avoid to change the GUI and to be obliged to train again all of its customer to a new “web interface look & feel”.
Corel sold “Bridge” to Graphon Corporation in 1997 which renamed it “GO-Global for Windows”.
During these 20 years, Microsoft never claims about any possible legal point to be discussed.

We sell TSplus for nearly 10 years now and we own 100% of our source code. The ministry of Justice in France, the US army, the Auchan Group (1.800 TSplus hosts) and thousands of chartered accounts are using TSplus every days. Like France Telecom or Auchan, some large corporation requested a check by their legal department prior to buy the TSplus licenses and it never has been a problem.

About the RDS CALs specific point, up to February 2014 our customers was requested to uninstall the TSE/RDS role prior to use TSplus. That was a technical requirement because part of our technology is designed to be an alternative to RDS/TSE. However, we added the support of both option for our customers:

- Option 1: They decide to use TSplus role
- Option 2: They decide to use RDS role and RDS CALs

It is like using IIS or preferring to use TSplus built-in web server. The customer can decide to use, or not, the Microsoft technology. If he decides not to use it, obviously, he has not to get a license for something that he does not install.

So, from March 2014, our customers are free to decide what is the best for them and what complies with the contract they signed with Microsoft.
In both options, and this is important to keep it in mind, the TSplus benefits are far over this detail: HTML5 client, Web Portal, multi-browser support, Mobile device support, load balancing, Universal Printer, Portable client generator… are available and TSplus works very well with or without installed RDS role. Technically for us, it is just one registry value to change:
- 0 means TSplus role is active
- 1 means RDS role installed and TSplus must run over RDS

Without having to heavily invest into web application development, the main benefit you will get from TSplus will be to easily publish your current applications a full web/cloud solution.

Last comment about the specific Microsoft statement (which is not at all included into EULA) that you are considering as a obvious legal one:
"Terminal Services CAL are requiered for each user or device that directly or indirectly accesses the server software to host a graphical user interface"
Anyone is allowed to use VNC, Apache web server, LogMeIn to directly or indirectly access a Windows system and to interact with the graphical user interface without purchasing TS CALS.
Everyone accept this: isn't it? ... It is exactly the same story for TSplus.

I hope this clarify the point.

John Davies

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