Using Dual WAN internet connection for failover ?

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Using Dual WAN internet connection for failover ?

Post by ictk » Tue Aug 23, 2022 2:22 am

We have 2 internet (Dual WAN) connection at our server location.
WAN 2 is used as a failover for WAN 1.
Both WANs have their own URL/Dynamic DNS name.

We want to install only 1 TsPlus Server and connect them to both internet connection.
Several times a year one of our WANs go down for some minutes or a few hours.
Having over 100 users, we would like this to have as least impact possible.

So when WAN1 fails, we would like the TSPlus client to automatically switch to WAN 2 and
continue the session or do new sessions via WAN 2.

Is the above scenario possible?

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