TSPlus behind Traefik reverse proxy

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TSPlus behind Traefik reverse proxy

Post by tobi » Mon Jul 20, 2020 5:35 pm

I'm trying to get TSPlus HTML5 access working behind a Traefik reverse proxy running in docker.
My intention is to access TSPlus by a url like "www.mydomain.com/tsplus" and tell Traefik to route all traffic with the url path "tsplus" to a standard TSPlus installation on a non-standard port ( 8000 ).

Accessing the login page works that way but I'm unable to login. Once I enter some login information I receive a error message in the browser console regarding hb.exe (404).
Please see attached image for some more information.

What is the function of hb.exe ? Does the communication happen on special ports or anything other ?

Is there something special to take care of when running TSPlus behind a reverse proxy like Traefik or HAProxy ?
For sure when I try to access the backend TSPlus installation without routing through Traefik everything works as expected.

Thank you very much.

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