Connection don't work (immediate client crash)

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Connection don't work (immediate client crash)

Post by ics-informatique » Wed Mar 04, 2020 2:50 pm

We use TSPlus version (the last one), on our servers.

One of our clients just installed a new computer, under Windows 10. There is no special antivirus, antimalware, and so on.

Using TSPlus via the HTML5 connexion, it works perfectly.

But using TSPlus via the remote desktop connexion, the connection program is crashing immediately, without any message (no more event in the windows event log, perhaps a log file, but don't know where)

Using the same connector on another computer, it works perfectly, so there is a problem in the local configuration of our client.

Do you have an idea on the points we have to check ?

Thank you by advance.

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