Unify Addon funtionallity for HTML5 and RDP access

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Unify Addon funtionallity for HTML5 and RDP access

Post by bzdega » Sun May 17, 2020 7:29 am


i love the new addon Virtual Printer, because instead of Universal Printer it simply works. IMHO this is because of the client component, which makes the solution much more stable than the universal printer which has only a server component.

But my customers (in total 1000+ users) are confused about the differert printing solutions.
  • the new Virtual Printer is only working for RDP-Client acceess
  • the Universal Printer is most times not working good with RDP-Client access, better working with HTML5 assess (but also not 100% stable)
It would be helpful, if there would be only one working printer solution (Virtual Printer) for both RDP-Client and HTML5-Client.

Same thing with 2FA addon, this is only available for HTML5-Client.

My users are working 8 hours+ on a ERP-Solution within the TSplus-Session, so they use mostly the RDP-Client (local drives, multiple displays).

Any plans to wok on this?


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Re: Unify Addon funtionallity for HTML5 and RDP access

Post by admin » Tue May 26, 2020 9:37 pm

Hello Mickael,

I know this can be confusing. We now have two different Universal Printer driver + the virtual printer which is new and address different printing needs.
This will evolve in the future.
TSplus support team administrator

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