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Slow login

Post by nbatocanin » Mon Sep 02, 2019 4:46 pm

We have several servers running TSplus (the identical machines). Some use Windows 2012 R2 and some Windows 2016. W2012 machines accept 90-120 users but W2016 machines start to slow down alredy at 50-70 users. The problem is users login, later work does not affect on the performance.

Do you have any advice on how we can speed up login? Will classic desktop Windows 10 work better in situations like this?

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Re: Slow login

Post by admin » Mon Sep 09, 2019 6:05 pm


Yes 2012 operating system is more reliable and faster than 2016 and that's a well known fact now.

This slow logon process can come from various cause :

A slow active directory. The user may take some time to authenticate on the AD.

Logon script. When a logon script is executing and mapping network ressource, it can take time to perform the task.

Windows services and processes that are launched at logon. This can be checked in msconfig. You can also open a task manager to monitor precisely which processes are run by each users. Doing so you should be able to narrow down the ones that are responsible for this.

Device drivers. At each logon the server may look to make a peripheral available for a user, slowing down the logon process. You can choose to uncheck drives and peripherals that are not needed in the local ressource tab of the client generator.
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