New Release TSplus version

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New Release TSplus version

Post by admin » Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:15 pm


A new version of TSplus is now available.

This is our comment for this new version:


- Compatibility: TSplus is now compatible with Windows 10 1903 "May 2019 Update" for Pro, Education and Enterprise editions

- Setup: fixed FlexiCloud command line not working for rebranded setups
- Web Portal: fixed issue when using a custom background picture with a space in the filename
- Web Portal: fixed connected session tab is closed when resetting password field from logon page

- HTML5: Improved printing performance
- HTML5: Improved memory usage for printing and file transfers
- HTML5: added support for custom mime-type on specific and unknown file extensions. For example adding in "webserver\settings.js" the line: default_mime_type_on_unknown="application/octet-stream" will set application/octet-stream for any unknown extension. To set specific types for specific extensions: user_mime_types=".pdf:application/pdf|.txt:text/plain"
- HTML5: added more default mime types for web fonts
- HTML5: better handling of orientation changing before logon for mobile devices


- AdminTool > Home: now displays "unable to check for updates" instead of the wrong "you have the latest version" whenever internet connection is blocked/disabled
- Web Portal: fixed "remember credentials" not remembering anything
- Web Server: fixed custom runwebserver.ini not being used
- AdminTool > Web > Web Portal> HTML5 Client: fixed Ctrl-Alt-Del button display option

- HTML5: Fixed pasting from clipboard did not always work at the first try when server was overloaded
- HTML5: Fixed initialization issue blocking client-server transfers when server was overloaded
- HTML5: Fixed printing issue when system-defined temporary files folder was not behaving properly
- HTML5: Fixed issue when clipboard channel is disabled by administrator
- HTML5: Fixed resizing issue hen user tried to resize browser before client is completely initialized
- HTML5: fixed bug when client was hanging for 10 seconds if user is focused on a file and presses Ctrl+C
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