New TSplus Release and RDS Knight 4.1

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New TSplus Release and RDS Knight 4.1

Post by admin » Tue Mar 26, 2019 11:01 am

1) TSplus v12.20.3.25 fixes multiple bugs and improves user experience and security
2) RDS-Knight v4.1 improves v4 stability and ease of use


TSplus v12.20.3.25

- AdminTool > Applications: fixed cannot see mapped network drives when browsing for an application path
- AdminTool > Applications: fixed "openFileDialog1" displayed by default in file name when browsing for a new application
- AdminTool > Applications: allowed manually typing a folder path
- AdminTool > Applications: fixed domain\user is changed to computer\user when selecting a domain user in an AdminTool run as local admin. This cannot be fixed for groups. We still recommend running AdminTool as a domain user when installed in a domain-joined computer.

- AdminTool > Web > Web Portal Preferences: added a warning if the administrator types in a DNS domain name instead of a short domain name

- AdminTool > Farm: disabled the "Farm" menu entirely unless it is an Enterprise edition

- AdminTool > Farm > Load-Balancing: improved user experience by automatically enabling "gateway web portal" page when load balancing is activated
- AdminTool > Farm > Load-Balancing: TSplus automatically sets disable-existing-sessions-web-listing to "no" when sticky sessions are enabled

- AdminTool > Advanced Settings: added a "Logs" section to enable (or disable) technical logging which can be very useful for support
- AdminTool > Advanced Settings: removed the legacy and now unused "admintool color" setting

- Web Portal: fixed same tab opening issue when connecting in IE/Edge
- Web Portal: fixed connection when fields are auto completed
- Web Portal: improved parameter validation
- Web Applications Portal: preview mode now displays fake applications

- Load-Balancing: fixed bug when checking the load and heartbeat of the application servers and they only accept TLS 1.1 and/or TLS 1.2

- Setup/Update: improved Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 session opening time
- Setup/Update: OpenJDK Java JRE is now automatically downloaded and installed (without asking) (even in silent mode)

- Setup: appcmdline is now set to "no" by default as this value is more secure
- Setup: disable-existing-sessions-web-listing is now set to "yes" by default as this value is not used except for sticky sessions

- Two-Factor Authentication: added Advanced Settings GUI
- Two-Factor Authentication: fixed file attributes to allow a clean uninstall

- HTML5 v6.23: fixed bug when server is overloaded
- HTML5 v6.23: fixed bug when file on web server was unavailable due security lock connection was closed instead sending right answer
- HTML5 v6.23: fixed bug when page was loaded in same tab with passed parameters and then reloaded, then it caused the html5.html page to go back to itself


RDS-Knight v4.1

- RDS-Knight 4.1 version contains all the improvements and fixes contained in previous versions.
- Add a registrar report for an IP address from the blocked IP addresses list.
- Enable DEBUG level logging from the advanced settings.
- Display the total number of blocked IP addresses from the blocked IP addresses list.
- Display the latest time for each feature status in events logs.
- Display monitored VNC ports in Bruteforce Defender, if VNC server is supported.
- Update translations.

- Fix uninstall program hangs.
- Fix ransomware protection initialization failure is shown in events.
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