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App design question for mobile/tablet

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 3:23 pm
by chadPT
Currently we use TSplus for desktop users. But are designing our app to also be compatible with cell/tablet users. We are able to login to our TSplus Application using IOS/Android/Tablet. But currently, our application is difficult to use because of screen size (everything is too small). We are wanting to detect and send users to a version of our application that will be easier to use.

-is there anything built into TSplus that can detect if a user is logged in through cell or tablet?
-If not, is the best practice to detect the logged in user's screen resolution and then have our application route them to either desktop or mobile?
-are there any other TSplus settings/design tools that we may be overlooking that could help us? We currently have the Mobile Web edition.

Any help is greatly appreciated.